Dancing in the Dim Light

by Them Coulee Boys

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After the release of their debut “I Never Lied About Being In Love” in 2014, Them Coulee Boys toured tirelessly until it came time to record their first professional studio effort in the winter months of 2016. After 7 days at Pine Hollow Audio outside of Eau Claire, WI the new record “Dancing In The Dim Light” was born. With new songs came new sounds, as evidenced by the use of electric banjo, drums, and piano. Engineer Evan Middlesworth also contributed pedal steel and baritone guitar, while Eve Wilczewski (Seasaw) added violin. It’s a grander sound, while still keeping the rawness of a live setting Them Coulee Boys are known for. Lyrically, “Dancing In The Dim Light” deals with the duality of life, in which we often find the lows in our highs, but also see the light in the dark. Being weak or vulnerable isn’t what defines you. It’s about how you dance when the lights aren’t shining like they need to. “Dancing In The Dim Light” is set to be released June 2016 with a tour to follow.


released June 28, 2016

SOREN STAFF - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
BEAU JANKE - Banjo, Electric Banjo, Harmonica, Piano, Synth, Vocals
JENS STAFF - Mandolin, Vocals
MICHAEL ASCHBACHER - Bass, Kick Drum, Drums, Vocals

All songs performed by Them Coulee Boys with help from:
EVAN MIDDLESWORTH - Pedal Steel (4,5,10), Percussion (1,5,9), Baritone Guitar (2,9,10)
EVE WILCZEWSKI - Violin (6,8,9)

Recorded and Mixed by EVAN MIDDLESWORTH
Recorded at Pine Hollow Audio, Eau Claire, WI
Mastered at Hanzsek Audio, Snohomish, WA
All songs written by SOREN STAFF (ASCAP)
Excluding Track 8, written by SOREN STAFF & EVE WILCZEWSKI
All songs arranged by THEM COULEE BOYS

Cover Art & Art Direction and Design by BEAU JANKE & SOREN STAFF



all rights reserved


Them Coulee Boys Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Them Coulee Boys are Folk-Punk Americana band from Eau Claire, WI playing music rooted in sincerity, and presented with an energy that will draw you in.

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Track Name: 10 ft Tall
S. Staff -
Do you remember? The look in my eyes. Late September when the summer dies and turns to fall. I was 10 ft talI. Can you feel it? The cold autumn air. The moon is shining on your auburn hair. No need for words, we’ll face this cold. I was 17, I was 10 ft tall. I was sleeping out in tailgates singing Willie Nelson songs. You were sleepily smiling but you always sang along. I was 17, I was 10 ft tall. She’s a loner not heard or seen. But to this man she’s the homecoming queen. No need for words, your dreams are heard.
Track Name: Sunset Sermons
S. Staff -
I’ve been exalted, cried from the pulpit but I’m still torn up. Love ain’t a message, love ain’t impressive with a wider brush. We’ve been trying, we abuse it again. We’ve been fighting, we’ve been losing again. I heard the message, learned to accept it and just move along. I’d soon forget it, and not regret, it sing a different song, We’ve been trying, we abuse it again. We’ve been fighting, we’ve been losing again. Been hearing those sunset sermons and blue sky lullabies, hands held in harmony and you’re by my side. I’d take those sunset sermons every time. There is a weapon, in our expression when we sing our song. These words are bullets and they hit harder when we sing along. We’ve been begging, we’ve been choosing again. We’ve been fighting, we’ve been losing again. Like the fires that we built on the bridges that we burned. We were made from ashes and to ashes we’ll return.
Track Name: 16th St.
S. Staff -
Behind your long eyelashes you can hide last nights advantage. I saw you, you saw me, I smiled, and you turned away. I’ve had my share of excuses but I’m done with all this abuse. If I followed you home and stood on your doorstep tonight, would you mind if I stepped inside? I made my way up the stairs and I stayed where you put me there. Yeah you said that you loved me, I smiled said, “I love you too”. I’ve got ahead of myself no but I’m not regretting this now. And if I grabbed your hand and we danced in your kitchen tonight, would you mind if I stayed inside? Now we’re dancing, dancing in the dim light because you got about one light in your whole damn house. Oh I can’t see you, oh but I can feel you take my and you ripped it out. But when you ripped it out, you ripped it open like you were hoping that I would. So stand on your tiptoes and keep your lips close and we’ll keep dancing like we should
Track Name: The Mask
S. Staff -
Tried standing out from inside a crowd by being no one but myself. But get caught behind my friends as they try and they fail to be somebody else. They can try to wear that mask and struggle every day. But being something that they’re not they go and stay the same. Painted on faces in too many places, no one sees the damage they do. Without a direction they avoid their reflection. You may see what has happened to you.
Track Name: Lost On You
S. Staff -
You say you wanna talk about trust. Trust me you don’t wanna go there. Been down that road before and it never gets no where. Play your part and read your lines back to me. Disguise with lies what you know to be true. Find your peace in the valleys that we ran to. But all that peace I found was lost on you. You say you wanna talk about love. I’d love it if you’d leave it be. If you knew a thing about love, darling you’d be leaving me. Lost on you. You say you wanna talk about “us”, when there never really was a “we”. My heart was never enough in a love lived passively.
Track Name: Take Her Easy
S. Staff -
I worked a long time for your heart. The sooner I quit the later I start to realize that you’re almost gone. Some other guy came to take it all. Take those records that I bought you off your shelf. Keep the letters that I wrote all to yourself. Take the little bit of me that you got left, throw it in fire to burn with all the rest. And if got to take her from me, would you take her easy? You used to wear me on your sleeve then roll them on up when it’s time to leave. You held me close when the clouds rolled in, but when the sun shined you’d be gone again. Take that Bible that I bought you off your shelf. Keep the songs I wrote for you all to yourself. Take the little bit of me that you got left throw it in the fire to burn with all the rest. And if you got to take her from me, would you take her easy? And I know that it gets hard to sing along, but it gets harder when you’re gone.
Track Name: Standing In My Shadow
S. Staff -
Devil you’ve been standing in my shadow for some time now. Why don’t you come into the light? I want to see you. You and me we’ve never been what most of us would all call friends. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was happy to see you. I’ve got friends and you’ve got friends that are one in the same. I’ve got friends that see my face and they don’t know my name. Standing in my shadow like the skeleton you are. But through your lack of skin and flesh we see your lack of heart. These days I’ve been talking to myself because I’m the only one who hears. Devil you’ve been lying and I’ve been listening. Been playing on my guitar and you’ve been playing on my fears. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m dying or living. Don’t deny me of my weakness because without it I’m not me. Don’t let it go take control I still need some room to breath. I guess these days I’m just searching for that safe space in between. The space between the bad part and the better part of me.
Track Name: Leave This Man
S. Staff, E. Wilczewski -
Never put much weight in words writ on pages. Never took advice from the world’s long dead sages. Yeah I needed to see things for myself. I need pictures not books off a shelf. I lived and I lied though I had my reasons. Where I laid my head would change with the seasons. Yeah I needed the pace to change. Yeah I needed the space to range. So leave this man. I’ve done the best that I can. I laid on down neath the sky so I could look into your eyes to see the moments I defeated overthrown. To see the moments I repeated to my soul. See our love isn’t gone, you see, I can feel it. I know heaven is real because there’s a hell and I’ve seen it. Yeah I saw both sides of you. Yeah I saw what we want to be true. So I love every day try to make it a habit, so it all feels close so much I can grab it. But my mind it fails me then. So much I cannot see again. The future looks bright but the past you see clearer, like when the windshields broke but you can still use the mirrors. But the road goes on ahead. Don’t look back, just look ahead.
Track Name: Want & Need
S. Staff -
I thought that I had told you what you wanted to hear. But the sins of my youth have grown up with me as I feared. I tried to catch you but when I came you vanished like smoke. I spelled it out but the words cut my mouth as I spoke. But it’s not a need, I want everything. No it’s not a need anymore. I left my home when I thought that I knew the world. But it seems I know less than half what I thought I had learned. Am I looking for something or am I just walking around? Should I keep it inside, or should these fears be spoken aloud? Is it my sanity or my vanity that makes me want this like I do? Or do I need acceptance from the likes of all of you? I can’t pretend that I am something that I am not anymore. I’m doing better now that I have ever done before. I can’t and I won’t live my life in compromise. I won’t give up on being who I am until I’ve died. Here at the start but we’re just skipping to the ending. I thought you were pretending when you said you needed me. We called it love so won’t you just stay here forever? We’ll face it all together, just you and me. Things were looking up but now I’m feeling down. Don’t want to fall in love in someone else’s hometown. I gave you heaven but left myself hell. No I never could lie to you but I could lie to myself. I never could lie to you but I could lie to myself.
Track Name: I Won't Be Defined
S. Staff -
She left me lonely with love in her eyes like a long lost sister saying last goodbyes. Oh but she loves the fire just as much as she likes sighs. You ain’t ever lonely if there’s love in her eyes. Cleared my conscious, called it clean like a hallowed homestead covered in gasoline. No one loves a liar as much as they love nicotine. Now I ain’t saying nothing that I don’t mean. I won’t be defined by who I am when I’m weak, when my mind has had its seasoned grip on me. I don’t have to be a victim to the forces you can’t see. I won’t be defined by who I am when I’m weak. Lost a friend then to the TV screen like a fallen firefly drawn to the lamplight scene. But I loved my time there just as much as you loved me. Never let your heart get in the way of your dreams. My mom got cancer so I grew my hair like a raised middle finger to the man upstairs. Oh but God loves a fighter just as much as he loves prayers. My mom beat cancer and I’ll keep my hair.